Customer feedback & satisfaction surveys made easy.

Collect feedback about your business, products, and services. Save time, expenses, and human resources on feedback segmentation with one-of-a-kind surveys from Omnisome. We help you to automate feedback and customer satisfaction.

Omnisome is forever free. Upgrade anytime.

Get product satisfaction score

Satisfaction score surveys

Find out what your customers think about your product in one simple metric

Get feedback from your customers

Smart feedback tool

Collect insights directly from your customers based on their satisfaction score

Make smart decisions about your product and web development

Milestone progress tracker

Monitor how your business decisions impact satisfaction score with milestone tracking

Customer satisfaction score

Customers will rate their liking of your product - Omnisome will do the rest. We will calculate the score to determine groups and provide them with a follow-up question. 

Omnisome satisfaction survey

Customer feedback

Collect feedback from your customers to understand their needs, wants, and delighters. Make data-driven decisions to improve your products.

Define the scope

Run product-wide or action-specific surveys. Add surveys to your website or create standalone hosted surveys with Omnisome.

Omnisome CSAT survey

Simple interface

Choose from various survey types the one that fits your audience and style of communication. Style the surveys to fit your brand and corporate identity.

Omnisome likelihood survey
Set up survey with Omnisome easily

How does it work?

Find out what your customers think about your product and make it awesome

Set up a survey

Choose the survey type and use the wizard to get your surveys ready in no time

Add snippet or share the link

Include JS snippet in your site or web app or share the link to the survey

Start receiving results

Receive satisfaction score and feedback from your customers. Mark important changes and events as milestones and monitor impact

Manage all surveys and feedback in one place

Omnisome dashboard is your one-stop resource for satisfaction surveys and feedback. Overview score, locations, feedback, and manage product milestones for free.

Omnisome customer satisfaction survey management software

Your path to awesome products

Omnisome gives you all the tools to build your customer feedback loop for free. It has never been easier to understand your customers.

Introduce lean feedback loop with Omnisome

Get satisfaction score & feedback from your customers

Control survey display on your website

Display surveys at the right time and place - you have full control

Monitor changes in your satisfaction score

Annotate your changes with milestones and see the impact

Omnisome takes security and privacy seriously

Omnisome never collects personal data about your customers

It’s time to start understanding your customers

Stop playing guesstimates. With Omnisome, you are building a lean feedback loop with your customers joining the game.


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