Omnisome for web agencies

See how agencies can benefit from collecting satisfaction score and feedback for their customers and create new business opportunities.

Omnisome is forever free. Upgrade anytime.

Follow your clients' success and performance

Track your clients’ success

Understand customer satisfaction score and get feedback for your clients' websites

Provide your clients with reports

Provide reports

Provide Omnisome reports to your clients in no time to keep them updated

Manage all surveys from one dashboard

All surveys - one place

Quickly access satisfaction surveys and feedback of all clients

Present ideas backed up with data

Present with data

Make pitches to your clients with data from their customers on your hands

Improve your expertise

Extend your expertise

Get insights from incoming feedback and extend your level of expertise

Deliver more than expected

Deliver more value

Omnisome helps to provide extra value to your clients at no cost

Omnisome redefines the way
you pitch your clients

Can your clients say “No” to their customers? Change the way how your agency builds client relationship and create new business opportunities.

Omnisome surveys for agency use

Get new contracts based on customer feedback

Omnisome for agencies

Register free account for your agency at Omnisome and start creating surveys.

Omnisome for agencies

Add surveys to your clients’ sites or create standalone surveys and start receiving data

Omnisome for agencies

Provide your customers with reports on what needs to be improved.

Omnisome agency dashboard for client surveys

It’s time to start understanding your customers

Stop playing guesstimates. With Omnisome, you are building a lean feedback loop with your customers joining the game.


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