We know how we can help your business

See how different experts and businesses can use customer satisfaction and feedback survey to their advantage.

Omnisome helps web developers

Web agencies & developers

Track satisfaction score & feedback for your clients. Offer improvements that their clients need and back it up with data.

Omnisome helps product managers and product owners

Product managers

Discover the one thing you should do next. Use the data from Omnisome to make right decisions. See what impact your changes made.

Omnisome helps small and medium business

Small & medium size business

Create a feedback loop and discover the value your business brings to your customers. With Omnisome you make sure that your customers are heard and your business prosper.

Omnisome helps digital marketers

Marketers and growth hackers

Discover the opportunities and use them to your advantage. Speak the language of your customers - you'll know the exact words and phrases.

Omnisome helps e-commerce and shop owners

E-commerce experts

Learn new ways to improve your conversion rate. Understand what blocks people from buying and change that.

Omnisome helps startups and solopreneurs

Startup owners

Use customer satisfaction rate to pitch your investors and follow your product growth. Discover your north star and pivot options in the beginning of your journey.

Omnisome helps bloggers and copywriters

Bloggers & copywriters

Learn what content your readers love and how likely they will recommend your blog or article. Populate the number of articles that bring you most of the traffic based on real data.

Omnisome helps UX designers

UX designers

Confirm your hypothesis and discover flaws in your customer journey. Understand what stops people from moving through your designed funnel and act.

Omnisome helps community managers

Community managers

Understand the language your community members speak. Know the value and topics that can drive you more leads and grow your community with confidence.

Omnisome helps market researchers

Market researchers & data analysts

Discover new opportunities and get the data for your reports easily. Avoid costly analysis by introducing automated feedback loop as a part of your continuos market research.

It’s time to start understanding your customers

Stop playing guesstimates. With Omnisome, you are building a lean feedback loop with your customers joining the game.


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