How Omnisome helps with customer segmentation

Segmentation of data is one of the largest parts of data analysis. This is also one of the reasons why we are having data analysis tools in the first place.

The process of segmentation is not only time-consuming but also expensive and labor intensive. It requires excellent analytical skills and ability to keep things in mind while building the initial base. It is also a process where you may fail multiple times before building data sets that make sense for your business.

The best analytical tools on the market allow you to easily segment data for further analysis. For example, with Google Analytics you can segment data based on various factors such as page views or user behavior. You can then perform analysis of a certain group to come up with your findings.

When it comes to feedback, not many tools are able to segment data you receive. Some of the prominent tools on the market can distinguish the source of the feedback survey or the timeframe it was collected. While this can be useful for some sort of analysis there is not much you can do when speaking about serious business decision-making.

It is also one of the reasons why many businesses prefer in-person surveys to collect feedback. It allows them to do an instant segmentation.

Nevertheless, the problem with such a method is that it significantly limits the number of feedback you receive. Not talking about scaling or automating the process which is a must in the digital age.

As a business, you want to receive as much feedback as possible while making sure you can easily analyze it. At the end of the day, you want to receive benefits from the data you collect.

How Omnisome helps with feedback segmentation?

At Omnisome, we found a way to automate feedback segmentation based on the satisfaction of your customers.

The research shows that you should recognize three major types of feedback - positive, neutral, and negative. While these can be divided into smaller chunks, there are core differences on how you should react.

Omnisome is applying reverse engineering to the feedback with first determining the satisfaction score of your customers. With the score available, Omnisome surveys ask different feedback questions - the one that is relevant to the segment.

All data collected is forwarded to the Omnisome dashboard where customers can easily overview any of the segments and perform analysis.

With data being segmented, you can easily review what your most pleased customers are thinking and what your less satisfied customers desire. You can also review the size of the segments and overall satisfaction score to see where your product or website stands in terms of satisfaction.

Thanks to that, Omnisome surveys allow you to save hours and hours on segmenting your feedback. It will also allow your data analysts, UX designers, and product managers to focus on different aspects of their work.

For those not convinced yet…

In the US, an average rate of data analyst is around $30 per hour. Applying that to the segmentation process which can take up to a month will result in almost $3,600 annually spent just on feedback segmentation.

With Omnisome plans starting from as low as free, there is a way how we can help your business.

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