Omnisome adds CSV export to boost integrations

Omnisome is extending its capabilities to analyze survey results and boost integrations. We are adding an export option to your survey results for easy download and analysis.

Your organization - your rules. With Omnisome export, you can easily get the results of your surveys in *.csv format to be imported and analyzed elsewhere.

While Omnisome offers rich survey analysis, we understand the importance of data transfers and the ability to control your workflow. From today, you quickly import survey results into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, QlinkView, PowerBI, etc. to perform the analysis in a familiar environment.

How does Omnisome export work?

The Omnisome export is available at the right place and time - where your survey results are located.

As you navigate from the Dashboard to the results view of your survey, you will see the list (table) of results together with the Omnisome report.

The export option is located at the very top of the list making it easy to spot. Clicking the export button will automatically download the *.csv file.

Do the filters affect the export? Yes, the export option takes into account your filtering preferences (located at the top of the page) and will create a file based on that.

Why CSV format?

CSV files are one of the universal standards and a popular format for data transfers. With exporting in *.csv, Omnisome ensures that you can import the data in most of the popular analysis tools on the market.

Do we have plans to add more formats? We believe in the power of customer feedback. With that said, it is in your power to impact our roadmap and help us define direction. If you know of any blockers that stop you from taking full control of your data or workflow, let us know.


While export sounds like a tiny feature, it uncovers huge possibilities.

If integrations, compatibility, and data ownership were blocking you from using Omnisome, you may not have to worry about it anymore. We value your data ownership rights and ability to have full control.

With Omnisome, you can collect customer feedback, analyze it anywhere you like, and make better business decisions.

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Omnisome adds CSV export to boost integrations

Product updates

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