Omnisome launches hosted surveys

Omnisome is making a huge step towards expanding the capabilities of the platform and introducing new use cases for collecting feedback.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the hosted surveys.

A hosted survey allows you to create any of the Omnisome surveys and host it on the Omnisome application. Every survey receives a unique link that can be sent to your clients, users, or prospects.

With the Omnisome hosted surveys, you are not limited to your website or web application to collect customer feedback. The link to the hosted survey can be included in your email automations, shared via chat, or sent directly to your customers.

Hosted surveys allow you to collect feedback and measure customer satisfaction not taking into account platforms and devices. The process of collecting data with hosted surveys becomes more efficient.

Benefits of the hosted surveys

It is unfair to compare hosted and on-site surveys because of the benefits they are able to provide to your business. This is why it is common for businesses to incorporate both types of surveys and make them a part of your customer journey.

The greatest benefit of hosted surveys is the independence that comes with separation of the customer feedback loop from your owned media. As a business, you receive a flexibility to incorporate surveys anywhere within your customer journey and not to limit yourself to the website experience.

With hosted surveys, you can collect feedback from your leads via email campaigns or social media platforms. You can also improve your post-service automations by incorporating the feedback loop independently from your website experience.

Compared to on-site surveys, where surveys serve as a complementary “dish”, hosted surveys receive all the attention. Hosted surveys have one goal that comes without distractions - get your customers to share their experiences. In fact, hosted surveys usually provide higher conversion rates compared to any other type of surveys.

Omnisome hosted online feedback survey example

Hosted surveys open doors for more possibilities. Not being limited by the website, Omnisome hosted surveys can be used by a wider range of businesses and individuals. Individual researchers can benefit from Omnisome by collecting feedback as a part of their academic or private research. Traditional offline businesses can collect feedback from their clients as a post-service activity. Organizations can measure their offline activities more effectively to improve their customer satisfaction.

How to use Omnisome hosted surveys?

Creating an Omnisome hosted survey is fast and easy. Just like with the on-site surveys, follow the survey creation wizard that will lead you through the process.

As you create a new survey at the Omnisome app, choose “Hosted” and select the survey type you want to create.

Create online feedback survey with Omnisome hosted surveys

Adjust the survey to your brand preferences or localize questions for non-English speaking audiences.

Publish the survey and Omnisome will generate a unique URL where your survey will be available.

Share the URL with your clients and leads to collect data. All data from the respondents will be stored in the Omnisome app where it can be analyzed or exported for migration to another platform.

Omnisome survey wizard

Hosted survey pricing

Omnisome hosted surveys are available free or charge with premium plan subscriptions offered for higher volumes.

To get the access to hosted and on-site surveys, register your account with Omnisome. The account will grant access to the Omnisome app where you can create surveys and analyze responses.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Omnisome team. We will be happy to guide you through the process and assist with setting up your first survey.


Omnisome hosted surveys extend the capabilities of the platform by giving more businesses and individuals a way to collect and analyze feedback.

Hosted surveys can be integrated anywhere in your business processes giving your higher conversion rates and flexibility to collect feedback when you need it.

With the new type of hosted surveys, Omnisome puts itself on the same page with Google Forms, Typeform, and others while being superior in how we collect and analyze data. The Omnisome app will not only store the data that can be exported but also help you to calculate such important business metrics as customer satisfaction or effort scores.

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