Omnisome 2023: Year in review and numbers

With 2023 in the box, the Omnisome team decided to look back at the first year of our platform.

We are here with you to review Omnisome deliveries, success of our users, and the feedback we have received. All this to celebrate and start 2024 with new milestones and goals.

Omnisome launch and updates

In less than a year, Omnisome went from an idea of customer satisfaction measurement to running a powerful feedback platform.

It all started with the beta launch in March 2023. Omnisome offered a new type of surveys to measure customer satisfaction and collect feedback. The innovative approach to customer feedback based on satisfaction score made Omnisome stand out from the competition.

Design surveys with Omnisome

The next big thing was introduction of milestones. Omnisome milestones allowed users to annotate the graphs representing their satisfaction scores. With milestones, it became easy for businesses to track changes and see the result of their actions.

In 2023, Omnisome extended the type of surveys. We introduced feedback surveys for simple review collection. Later, we extended our survey collection with CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and CES (Customer Effort Score). In the last update of the year, we introduced Likelihood survey.

Omnisome growth and user success

In 2023, we went from zero to hero. Having zero users in March 2023, we managed to grow our customer base to 248 businesses.

Growing slowly allowed us to tailor Omnisome platform for early adopters. From the new survey types to extending our tutorials, our customer success team was working with the users throughout the year.

Omnisome user growth in 2023

We also managed to secure our customer satisfaction rate as high as 82 points (out of 100).

As for you, our customers, you've managed to collect a total number of 16,368 results and 2,811 feedback. We are also happy to inform that Omnisome surveys had 28% conversion rate.

In media we trust

Omnisome received a warm welcome from media and communities throughout 2023.

From the overall branding appreciation in the Growth Hacking platforms to exposure in the WordPress community, professionals appreciated what Omnisome has brought to the product and website management.

Omnisome customer success and feedback

In 2023, Omnisome blog has been quoted and referred by the most prominent businesses in WordPress and web development industries. Plus, our Black Friday offering was shortlisted in many well-recognizable resources, like the Post Status community.


With what Omnisome achieved in 2023, we are looking forward to continue our growth.

We are confident that there are businesses looking for help to improve their products and websites. Our mission is to support their growth with the help of our surveys and analytical tools.

Wishing your valuable feedback in 2024!

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