Omnisome is opening access for beta users

We are excited to announce that Omnisome is now open for beta access.

Omnisome customer satisfaction and feedback software helps you to measure customer satisfaction score and collect customer feedback based on the score. Businesses can build customer feedback loop and monitor customer satisfaction with a tool designed for that purpose.

Omnisome offers free and premium versions with the free version being powerful enough to get your started. The premium version offers higher limits for customer responses and can be a powerful tool for growing businesses and web agencies.

What is Omnisome customer satisfaction survey?

We help you to calculate your customer satisfaction score and collect feedback to understand how your business, product or service is performing.

Omnisome customer satisfaction survey is an easy way to determine the level of satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. With survey implemented on your website, customers can rate their satisfaction and advocacy with the product from 0 to 10. These scores are used to calculate the overall customer satisfaction score.

Plus, our unique survey method takes it even further. We determine customer segment based on their score and collect feedback that is relevant to their group.

Omnisome surveys for agency use

Such an approach allows us to understand the issues your customers face with your products resulting in low scores. Discovering missing features for customers that are satisfied with the products. Understanding the biggest value received by customers who love your products.

Omnisome benefits and core features

Omnisome is designed for customer satisfaction surveys with all features focused on reducing effort to collect, analyze and monitor data.

There are many survey tools available on the web with multiple survey types to choose from. The biggest advantage of Omnisome is that we care about what happens with you after the data comes in.

Omnisome agency dashboard for client surveys

Omnisome dashboard is build around survey analysis to help you get most out of your survey results. Our unique survey approach helps you discover exact needs and delighters of your customers based on their score.

Omnisome is the only satisfaction survey tool to offer milestone annotations. Annotations help you to make notes about your changes (releases, improvements, marketing activities, etc.) right on the survey graph to see how these changes impact your customer satisfaction score.

The full list of Omnisome features include:

  • Free survey tool with high response limits
  • An easy-to-use survey wizard
  • Design options to customize survey appearance
  • Score-based feedback questions to determine issues, missing features, and delighters
  • Automatic score calculation
  • Smart filters for detailed data analysis
  • Visual graph for easy score monitoring
  • Milestone annotations for change management
  • Settings to configure recurring surveys and display delays
  • Premium version for unlimited number of surveys and large amount of data

All these features are available to you at Omnisome with more sitting in our roadmap to be implemented.

Omnisome for web agencies

Omnisome is made for web agencies in mind as we want to help you to provide better services to your clients.

We help agencies to implement customer feedback loop for their clients. It allows agencies to receive valuable data that can be used to improve clients' websites. Agencies can reduce the effort needed to build roadmap for clients' websites and coordinate actions with clients based on real feedback.

If you want to learn more about our Agency Partners Program, contact Omnisome partnership team to request additional information or schedule a call.

How to get started with Omnisome?

Omnisome beta registration is open for public without restrictions. You can register your free account with Omnisome here.

As you have your account set up, start with creating your first customer satisfaction survey. The wizard will guide you through the process in no time. You can also decide to stick with the default settings that have been developed by our team of analytics and customer service experts.

Omnisome survey wizard example

The next step is to add the survey to your site. You can do it by adding the script provided by Omnisome into the header part of your site. If you experience issues with adding the survey or not really sure how to do it - reach out to our customer support team right from the Dashboard. Our engineers will assist you and provide detailed instructions.

With survey created and added to your site, you are ready to start receiving data. Use Omnisome dashboard to follow your score and feedback. The survey view will automatically calculate customer satisfaction score based on the results you receive.

As a part of the beta program, we will appreciate your feedback. Use Omnisome customer support to contact us with your questions, suggestions, or any problems you encounter. We also recommend visiting our help center for detailed tutorials.

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