Where to look for product development jobs?

Product development is an exciting career path full of challenges and opportunities. It is hard work to do but the reward is sweet. Many people desire to start their careers in product development either from zero or transitioning from other roles.

Most of the product managers and product owners come from customer service or user experience. The transition is so common that many companies request expertise in one or both of these fields.

At the same time, some people join product development right from the beginning. Their career path starts from assisting product managers to eventually becoming ones and moving up the career ladder.

No matter where you stand or if you're just starting your career, we have prepared a universal list of where to look for product development jobs. Discover companies to unlock your full potential and contribute to the common success of the product.


LinkedIn is the most popular platform for businesses and professionals. It has become a standard to request your LinkedIn profile whenever you apply for a job.

LinkedIn is full of individuals and companies talking business, offering services, and discussing industries.

While connections and networking are a huge part of LinkedIn, it also features a job section for those who wish to advance in their career. You can find open positions within specific industries, companies, and regions.

A quick option to apply with your LinkedIn profile makes it super easy to become a candidate.

Overall, LinkedIn is a place to be even if you are not looking for a job at the moment. Headhunters are constantly browsing LinkedIn profiles to find candidates for open positions and it never hurt anyone to have a talk.


Glassdoor is a popular employer review site where millions of current and former employees review their place of work. You can check the salaries within certain companies and read what people think about their employers.

In addition to that, Glassdoor has a section for job seekers to find their dream job in product development or other area.

And even if you are looking for a job elsewhere, it is recommended to visit Glassdoor to find the salary in the industry and company. Plus, you can receive valuable insight into how it feels to work at a certain company.


WeWorkRemotely is the largest remote work community in the world where you can find a product development job that can be done from anywhere.

Are you planning to become a digital nomad? WeWorkRemotely is a perfect place for your to start your search.

An easy-to-use category list will help you jump into the right section instantly and have all positions at your fingertips.

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Indeed is a search engine and job aggregator platform that lists open positions from various sources.

It is available in 60 countries and 28 languages and has been named the number one job search engine in the United States.

Just like LinkedIn, Indeed allows users to keep their resumes and apply for positions without leaving the platform.


Despite the naming, Monster is an excellent platform for job seekers to discover career opportunities in product development.

Apart from a huge database of open positions, Monster offers a career advice library consisting of valuable materials on how to advance in your career.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator is the best and most popular startup accelerator in the world with one of the largest IT communities.

In addition to the accelerator, Y Combinator has a job section that features open positions in fast-growing and promising startups.
Having Y Combinator on your list is a must since it features companies that are focused on growth and breakthrough. For product managers, it is an opportunity to join companies in the early stages and advance in their careers.


Product and industry communities is an excellent place for individuals who wish to advance in their careers. It is a place to build new connections that can lead to becoming a product manager “by coincidence”.

Look for the communities that resonate with the industry you want to join and become an active member. If the community organizes online or in-person meetups, make sure to be present.

Your current employer

While it is at the very bottom of our list, it is actually the first place to start looking for career opportunities.

As stated before, many product developers come from different roles and positions. Talk to your manager and recruiters about the opportunities to transition into product management. Companies tend to choose product developers from their own companies since they already have a strong understanding of the product domain and processes.


Product development is an exciting career path to choose with plenty of opportunities available. Plus, there are many resources out there for those who wish to start their careers or transition into product development from another position.

o is also a highly-demanded category with companies constantly looking for experts that can help to take their product development to the next level.

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