Omnisome launches CSAT & CES surveys

Omnisome is extending the number of available surveys by introducing CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score).

The new survey types are available to all Omnisome users, including the free account owners.

The introduction of CSAT and CES surveys offers Omnisome users additional ways to calculate their digital product and website quality.

Both surveys are complemented with the unique Omnisome feedback mechanism targeting different segments of your product or website audience.

About CSAT surveys

CSAT surveys has always been considered a powerful alternative to the popular Net Promoter Score (NPS). While NPS is focused on discovering product advocates, CSAT surveys help businesses to measure satisfaction.

The use of CSAT can help businesses to uncover issues and potential with their products. Moreover, many companies use CSAT to segment their customers and narrow down their target audience for early stages of their product lifecycle.

At the same time, the results of CSAT can help to allocate product advocates the same way it is done with NPS.

About CES surveys

Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys has become a widely adopted technique of product managers and UX designers to measure customer experience.

Being applied to a certain action or flow, CES surveys allow businesses to understand how much effort their customers are spending to perform these actions and reach their goal.

The biggest difference of CES surveys compared to NPS or CSAT is the scope of focus. CES surveys allows you to target certain aspects of your product or website. The results of CES are more detailed and specific allowing you to discover quick wins.

How to get started with CSAT and CES surveys?

Both survey types are available to all Omnisome users - paid and free.

From your Omnisome dashboard, select to create a new survey. The new survey types will be available in the first step of the wizard.

Select from various survey types available in the Omnisome app

Further, Omnisome wizard will guide you through the process to adjust the survey in terms of design, localization, or content. It is important to mention that the default surveys has already been configured for best conversion by the Omnisome data team.

As you create your survey, follow the guidelines to integrate your new survey into your website or web application.

All results of the CSAT and CES surveys will be available in the Omnisome dashboard for easy analysis and overview.

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