Access survey results

You can overview the results of your survey in the survey view. To access survey results, in the Omnisome Dashboard go to the survey and select 'View results' from the survey menu.

The survey view contains all information relevant to the survey:

  • Satisfaction score votes
  • User feedback
  • Milestones
  • Satisfaction score (calculated)
  • Number of scores and feedback
  • Filtering options

The data of the survey is represented based on the timeframe selected in the filter. The default value is one month.

Survey view with customer satisfaction score and feedback

The satisfaction score value represents your current score at the end of the period. The number of customers' votes and feedback received are displayed for the period selected.

Data filter and analysis

The most powerful Omnisome instrument in the survey view is data filtering. 

You can use data filtering to filter out survey data based on:

  • Timeframe
  • Satisfaction score
  • Source (pages)
  • Feedback availability

Individual scores and feedback

The survey view contains individual scores and feedback based on the timeframe. 

You can check individual scores and read feedback from users who decided to leave feedback.

Data export

To export survey results, click on the "Export .csv" button located at the top of the results table. Omnisome will prepare .csv file automatically taking into account the filters you have applied.


Milestone management happens in the survey view under the Milestones section. All milestones are represented on the survey graph.

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