Managing milestones

Milestones are user-added annotations to the Omnisome surveys. Milestones serve as notes that help you keep track of your progress and annotate important events:

  • Product updates
  • Feature releases
  • Campaigns
  • Other activities

Over time, you may forget what caused a spike in your customer satisfaction score. Milestones allow for documenting important activities and events.

All milestones of the survey are displayed on the customer satisfaction score graph.

How to add milestones

To add milestones to your customer satisfaction survey:

  1. Navigate to survey view
  2. Expand the Milestone section and click 'Add milestone'
  3. In the popup window, specify the date and title
  4. Click 'Add milestone'

Add milestone annotations to your Omnisome surveys

The milestone will instantly appear on the graph at the corresponding date. The milestone will also appear under the milestone section.

How to manage milestones

All milestones of the survey are represented under the Milestone section. You can edit or remove existing milestones at any time.

Omnisome milestons to describe important product life cycle events

It’s time to start understanding your customers

Stop playing guesstimates. With Omnisome, you are building a lean feedback loop with your customers joining the game.


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