Frequently asked questions

All your pre-sale and product questions about Omnisome answered.

Is the free version will stay free forever?

Yes, our mission at Omnisome is to help businesses make better products and grow. Consider the free version as our commitment and trust in your business.

Do you have limits for the number of surveys?

We do have limit of 3 surveys for our free plan but all premium plans have option to create unlimited number of surveys.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your plan at any time and increase your limits.

What happens when I reach my monthly limit?

We won't stop collecting data. The data will be stored at Omnisome and you can upgrade your plan to access it. The data on top of your limit won't be taken into account when calculating your customer satisfaction score.

What is the difference between on-site and hosted surveys?

On-site surveys are integrated surveys that can be added to your website or web application via embed code.

Hosted surveys are standalone surveys stored in the Omnisome app. Hosted surveys can be accessed via a unique link and can be shared via e-mail, social media, etc.

Do you offer support for the free version?

We have support for the free and premium versions. For the premium version, we have priority support but will happily serve our free customers upon our availability.

Can I change the language of the survey?

Yes, you can! Our survey wizard allows editing questions which means you can write them in your preferred language.

Can I remove Omnisome logo from the survey?

We appreciate you leaving the logo to help us grow our business. Still, we understand that it may go against your corporate rules. We allow removing the Omnisome logo from the surveys for all premium plan owners.

Can I use the same survey on different websites?

Yes, you can add the same JavaScript snippet on different sites. At the same time, we do recommend using different surveys to have more control over your survey display and results. The number of surveys won't affect the number of results.

Can I display the survey on specific pages of my website?

Yes, you have full control over the display of the survey. To display the survey only on specific pages, make sure that the survey snippet is added only to these specific pages.

Where do I insert the code I receive after creating the survey?

You should add the JavaScript code (snippet) to your site <head> part. You can add it site-wide or add the code only on specific pages.

Why do I need milestones?

It is hard to keep track of your changes and align them with your customer satisfaction score growth. To help you out, we allow adding milestone notes to your surveys. Consider them as annotations that you can instantly see on the satisfaction score graph. It will help you to understand what (and how) changes or events impacted your customer satisfaction score.

How do you calculate satisfaction score?

We calculate the score by subtracting the percentage of customers who respond with a 0-6f rom the percentage of customers who respond with a 9-10. The final result will be score between -100 and 100. We consider everything above 0 to be a good result.

Can I export my survey data?

Yes, you own all the data. We allow exporting the survey data without any restrictions within your applicable limits.

Can I filter and sort my data?

Yes, as opposed to other survey tools, we are focusing on customer satisfaction surveys which allows us to offer filters and reports tailored for that type of surveys.

Can I add the Omnisome survey to my WordPress site?

Yes, Omnisome is WordPress-friendly which means you can display surveys on your WordPress site without any problems.

What are the three follow-up questions in the survey wizard?

Depending on the score your customers gave, the survey will ask them one of the questions to get feedback. For the customers who scored you 0-6, we will ask about their issues. For the customers scoring 7-8, we will ask about how to improve the product. For the customers scoring 9-10, we will ask about the value they are receiving for your product.

You can adjust the questions you will ask your customers in the survey wizard.

Do you collect any customer data?

No, we value your and your customer's privacy. Omnisome will never collect any personal data of your customers and is fully compliant with all data privacy laws (including GDPR).

What if I have other question?

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Visit our support center to open a ticket (it is free to register).

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